Grade 5

April 19th - 23rd

Unit of Inquiry

This week students have been preparing for the grade 5 performance Cinderella. Students have been reminded to bring in parts of their costume in a named plastic bag by next Monday.

The new performance day is on Tuesday 5th May at 11-12pm and 5-6pm. There will be a ticket system and more information will be sent next week.


Students will continue with their research next week. It is important for students to do an in-depth research on their lines on inquiry. This should include using a range of different types of sources. Student's need to make sure they have an appropriate amount of research completed. This should be more than just a couple of pages of notes.

Students also need to list down some possible ideas for action.


Students looked at the transformation of shapes, in particular symmetry and tessellation this week. After testing out a variety of shapes, students created their own tessellation patterns to display.

They also did some work on probability and worked on solving problems around this.


For Language this week we have been creating Poetry. This included personification poems to describe things in nature and onomatopoeia poems about something they did in their holidays. Some of these poems have been published, so please do take a read of them if you get the chance.

Upcoming Events

Monday 27th April - Class and Individual Photos

Tuesday 5th May - Cinderella show

Wednesday 10th June - Exhibition Presentation

Thursday 25th June - Graduation