Hawk Weekly

November 4th-8th

Home Run Hustle Wrap Up

WOW! What a start to the school year it has been! Thank you to everyone who participated in our all school fundraiser. This was our most successful year thus far and we continue to be grateful for your generosity and support of our amazing school. Mrs. Tepper has already started using some of those funds to purchase:

-Music instruments to be used for school concerts

- Science STEM kits

- I-Pads for Makers Space

- Flexible seating

- Instructional resources such as Leapfrog Scribble and Writes, classroom chapter books set, etc.

We will be honoring the hard work of so many this coming Monday (November 4th) at our all school assembly. To help celebrate meeting our school goal of $15,000, Mrs. Tepper will reveal her new BLUE and GREEN hair color at the assembly (courtesy of Mrs. Boroski’s hair dying skills)!


Congratulations to our top fundraising classes! Ms. Gudding and Mrs. Kramer’s classes will both be receiving a pizza party next week! Popsicle parties will also be awarded to all classes who met their classroom goal!

This year we had 60 students qualify for extra bubble soccer, 42 qualify for bowling with Mrs. Tepper, and 23 students will be awarded with principal for the day! Congratulations to these hard-working Havel Hawks. Watch for certificates to go home for these special events soon!

Additionally, and what I am most proud of, is that we had 234 students participate in our fundraiser! That is our largest number of students involved, which is truly awesome!


Mrs. Langlois

National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month! How much do you know about the link between diabetes and heart disease? Learn more from @NIDDKgov: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/communication-programs/ndep/partner-community-organization-information/national-diabetes-month/

Wear blue on Thursday, November 7th to support Diabetes Awareness!

Thank you,

- Your Havel Student Council Representatives

Big picture

Healthy Kids Club Update

Our running club has met three times after school on Thursdays in the month of October and these runners have been doing an amazing job so far! We have talked about making healthy snack choices, the importance of getting 60 minutes of exercise a day, and have even touched on pacing techniques. They have come in with amazing, hard-working attitudes and have started to embrace the amazing support that comes from running “families.” This past week we did a 1-mile fun run and as the kids were finishing they stood and cheered on the kids who were still running. It was a definitely a highlight of running club so far!

All of our runners have been awarded a healthy snack at the conclusion of our running sessions. We have had options of apples, oranges, cheese sticks, and bananas. We have also done some healthy taste testing of foods such as honeydew melon, guacamole, and humus! It has been such a joy to see these kids enjoying some new, healthy foods that many have not tried before!

We look forward to continuing our running club through November, and also offering some new opportunities for students to be active come December. Stay tuned for further information on our next Health Kids Club activity!

End of 1st Quarter

During November, Havel will distribute reports cards electronically. The first marking period grades will be sent electronically to families after scheduled parent-teacher conferences at the end of the day on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

To receive the report cards, parents will need to have a secure PowerSchool account. Parents who do not have access to a PowerSchool account will need to register for one prior to Friday, November 8. The report cards will then be automatically e-mailed to the address that is used to register the PowerSchool account. If you already have a PowerSchool account, you do not need to take any further action. The report card automatically will be sent to you electronically.

Please note that if you have students in junior high school and high school, the reports cards will be electronically sent by the end of the day, Friday, November 8, 2019.

BHC Health Weekly Announcements

For the Weekend Friday- We should all be filling half of our plate with fruits and vegetables! For the weekend try to do this at every meal.

Mindful Monday- Today at lunch try to be mindful of where your food came from. Think of where your milk, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains came from.

Tell Your Neighbor Tuesday- Fruits are very important for our health, they help many different parts of our body. Tell your neighbor what your favorite fruit is!

Wacky Fact Wednesday- Eating pasta will make you happier. It's true! There are things in pasta that trigger feelings of well being and happiness.

Think About It Thursday- Did you know that taking a break and stretching can make you feel more awake? Think about doing this today if you are tired.


1. Reading aloud to children creates a lifetime interest in reading

2. Reading to young children extends their attention spans

3. Reading aloud to children aids in language development

4. As you read aloud, the power of a child’s imagination is strengthened

5. Reading aloud helps build a child’s comprehension

6. Read aloud time is a great one on one bonding time.


Holiday Shop Volunteers Needed

Thank you for your interest in helping during Holiday Shop week. Please sign up below for any slots that you are able to assist. The Holiday Shop takes a lot of preparation prior to opening, assistance during the classroom shopping sessions, as well as tear down. If we do not have enough volunteers to fill all of the slots, regretfully the Holiday Shop will need to be cancelled.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to make this year's Holiday Shop a huge success!

- Your Havel Volunteer League

Holiday Shop Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in helping during Holiday Shop week. Please sign up for any slots that you are able to assist.

Picture Perfect with Ms. Rossi

Family/Child Mini-Photo Sessions

(Due to time constraints, please no outfit changes or family pets)

November 16, 2019

Sessions starting at 10:00AM

(Makeup Rain Day - November 17th - sign up times will remain the same)


Clinton River Heritage Gardens

44505 Van Dyke Ave,

Utica, MI 48317

Dates To Know


1st- Pajama Day & End of 1st Quarter

4th- Tie Day Spirit Day, 1st Quarter Assembly & Fun Run Reveal

5th- No School

12th- Picture Retakes

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Assembly

1:55- K-2

2:55- 3rd-6th

13th- Evening Conferences 5:00-8:00

14th- 1/2 Day Conferences AM Specials 12:04 dismissal

15th- MSU/U Of M Spirit Day

19th- HVL Meeting 4:15-5:30

27th-29th- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving

Bus Safety

UCS is the largest busing district in the state of Michigan! With approximately 250 bus drivers transporting about 18,000 children a day, safety is a priority. Some very important rules from the UCS Elementary Student Handbook on Bus Safety:

  • Students are dropped off and picked up in designated bus lanes near the school entrance.
  • Parents who drive their children to school must keep bus and fire lanes free by parking or standing only in designated areas.
  • Students should be at their assigned bus stops approximately ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. For the first two weeks of school, kindergarten, first and second-grade students riding the bus should wear a tag indicating their name, address, and bus number.
  • Student conduct while riding to and from school should be an extension of good classroom behavior. Whether at the bus stop or on the bus traveling to and from school or on an off-site field trip, students are expected to behave appropriately.
  • Obey the bus driver, show respect to the bus driver and fellow passengers
  • Remain seated at all times and keep all parts of the body inside the seating area.
  • Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not allowed
  • Hold all carry-on items, such as backpacks, musical instruments, etc. in your lap
  • Board and exit the bus in an orderly manner at the assigned bus stop
  • Name-calling, vulgarity, profanity, abusive or derogatory comments or gestures, bullying, harassment, hate speech or threats of violence are prohibited
  • Use of electronic communication devices (such as cell phones or cameras) is not permitted
  • There are no preferential seat assignments, although bus driver or administrator may assign seats