Weekly Team Update

Stunning Stella's

Dot Dollar Redemption

Way to rock the Dot Dollar redemption period!!! I know the site had issues with the codes that may have caused frustration for you or for your customers. Thank you for your patience with the system issues. Our Team Volume is already over 2,000 PQV and we three weeks left in the month!

Spring Samples

If you haven't ordered your Spring Samples, now is the time! Have fun shopping! I must say it is great earning the StyleFix! I look forward to earning that again this quarter. How about you?

Trunk Show Tip

If you are looking for a hostess or two to help you debut the new line, the image below is a great one to share. This can be found in the Marketing Materials section of the Lounge.

When reaching out to others to share the hostess opportunity, you can give them the option first of an in-person trunk show. If that doesn't work for them, you could always offer a trunk show on the go. You can load up a few pieces, order forms, and look books for the person to share with friends or co-workers. They collect a few orders and you have a trunk show!

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Coaching Opportunity

Lindsay Walsh, had shared on the Crown Jewels FB page, about an all-team webinar. The 30 minute webinar was recorded and the link is here. Enjoy!!
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Home Office Incentive

Earn a pair of sunglasses this month by selling 1,500 PQV from now until the end of the month. These glasses sure look cute!
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Team January Incentives