awsome pomes with bad pics

By Hunter baird

The Rain

The dew of the morning rain speakes to me like a gentle child.

In the sea the waves guides me to shore .

And the dancing fire guides me home and sweet dreams fall asleep


Simile and Metafore

When I wake up in the morning,

I go out side and feed my cats and dog,

then I go down stairs.

And watch my favoret team Nebraska play football. After the game In go to the mall and hang out with friends.

And we go to all the sporting good stores and look at oaklys sunglasses. then we go to the movies and then go by lunch.

one time we saw a guy eating 2 plates of pizza he was as fat as a walres.

we were I hiddits and some one yelled so loud that africa could here it.

And that how my day goes

the letter d - alliterition

Dan dove ito the desk,

to get a dip of dew and sence.

he does not like to dive he ran out to do what he does.

Bbest play his drum


it is the 4th of july and we are going to my cousins house . And we are haveing are favoret food

shrimp.the most delishous food on earth it is crisp, yummy,warm, an steamy.

When we get there me and my friends play football,

and then when we get done we start cooking the shrimp.

And when you put in the frying pan it smells like frying frinch tost.

and when you bater it. It looks like a powdery J.And when when you put in the fryer pan it sounds like rice krispis.

When you put in in your mouthit feels rough and when you take a bite.

and it tasts like the scumpshish goodnid i was talking about