Lascaux Caves

third and fourth grade

Some History

In September 1940, four boys and a dog set out on an adventure in Dordogne. The boys – Marcel, Jacques, Georges and Simon – where intrigued by an old legend about a tunnels and a treasure hidden deep in the woods of Montignac. The boys were on a walk with the little dog, Robot, ran ahead and began sniffing the sunken hole. The depression had originally been created by an uprooted tree. The boys hurried to catch up with Robot. When they saw the deep hole, they immediately thought it might lead them to the legendary tunnel and the hidden treasure.

What they found instead was a historical treasure of wonderful cave paintings. Lascaux is a complex of caves that stretches more then 820 feet. There are more then 2,000 images of animals, people and symbols painted there and they about 17,000 years old,

Making their own paintings

After learning about the Lascaux caves and looking at many many images of the different paintings the students had a discuss about how expressive the minimal lines and colors were. They had many great discussions about how people were able to make these paintings and why they might have. The students then created their own paintings using oil pastel and watercolors.