Mount Annan PS

Staff Communication

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Term 4 Week 8

If you would like to add anything, please add to the Google doc the week before. The memo will be distributed Monday morning each week.

Monday 23rd November

  • LST meeting - Lunchtime, DP office

  • Kitchen Duty- Jenny B

Tuesday 24th November

  • FLT meeting 8:15 DP office.

  • Executive Planning Day

  • Staff meeting: Scope and sequences in Science and History - Revision and Discussion

  • Kitchen Duty- Andrea

Wednesday 25th November

  • Katrina to Reading Recovery 12:10pm

  • P & C wrapping day for Christmas Stall in the Library

  • Kitchen Duty- Vickie B

Thursday 26th November

  • PBL training - Cara, Jane S, Trent

  • Kitchen Duty- Shannon

Friday 27th November

  • PBL training - Cara, Jane S, Trent

  • Kitchen Duty- Wendy M

General Information and Upcoming Events

Please ensure all notes/letters in pigeon holes have been given to students as they are invitations to various event including Gold Morning Tea, Principal’s excursion and Parent Helper morning tea.

All staff are asked to bring a plate for the Parent Helper Morning Tea which is next Friday 4th December.

P & C Christmas Stall is next Tuesday - please check the timetable on the board.

Please check the board for upcoming events.