The effects smoking causes to your health!


Is it really worth the risk? this question may not come upon yourself in the beginning but you sure will regret lifting the cigarette up. people may think its "cool" but really would you rather have a great health and knowing that you made a difference or be suffering with regret because it was "cool" to take the risk. Smoking is a bad habit, it causes many damaging changes. It might be easy to start but its not easy to stop. smoking changes the way your body processes and it dose not just cause internal damage it also impacts your physical appearance and mental health. Stopping smoking is a struggle that so many people are dealing with, from the ages of 20-44 years of age and sometimes older and even more shocking younger.

Long term effects:

Long term effects are very disrupting to the human body as they can make very damaging changes such as stroke, blindness, heart attacks, bronchitis, emphysema, cancer and the most terrifying death. The time might take longer to quit and may need more effort and help but anything is better then nothing.

Short term effects:

short term effects of smoking are still damageable to your body and continue to ruin what use to be a healthy body. some of these effects are increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and the flow of blood from the heart. It also causes the arteries to narrow. these effects may come later as the nicotine works gradually but the risk isn't worth it please stop while you can.

were to get help?

Every one is able to quit, you may need more help but it is worth it. To get help please unsure you contact these local help lines.

  • Your doctor
  • Your pharmacist
  • Quitline Tel. 13 QUIT (13 7848)