Tech Tidbit

April 2014

Where to find resources

Are you overwhelmed when you search online for resources? Do you find yourself wondering what other teachers are doing to meet CCSS? Or, are you just looking for fresh ideas and activities you can try? If so, check out the following repositories where educators share ideas!

AEA 267's Scenarios:
As the name implies, AEA 267 has created a database for educators to share and find new ideas that infuse 21st century skills with Iowa Core. Viewers can search by grade level, subject area, skill, or tool. Ideas include sight word QR codes, lines of symmetry scavenger hunt, State Glogster, and managing your digital footprint (Digital Citizenship).

EdShelf is a directory of online resources, apps, and programs with the goal of helping educators find the correct resources for their needs. The online directory allows you to customize your search by age, price, subject, tool, platform, and category. As you begin to locate resources, feel free to sign up and create your own collections. If you are looking for an easy to use directory that can help you find tools that work on a specific device, focus on a specified subject area, and for a certain price, then be sure to bookmark EdShelf!

I have shared LiveBinders before when referencing social bookmarking, but you can also use already established LiveBinders to locate resources. Many educators choose to make their LiveBinders public, so they can share out ideas, resources, and activities with fellow educators. To find these simply type "____ grade livebinder _______ (whatever skill, standard or topic you are trying to find)." For example, by typing "2nd grade livebinder math word problems" you are shown several livebinders that have been filled with online resources and ideas to teach word problems! It doesn't matter what subject area you are searching for, and you can even type in "4th grade livebinder R.L. 4.1"to get information for a specific CCSS!

If you haven't visited Jerry Blumengarten's website, you are missing out! Jerry has created a portal into a techy teacher's dream world! From grade level specific skills, to subject areas and device specific resources, Jerry has it all. No matter the topic you are looking for, you can find it on his website.

The headline on is "Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything!" and saying sums up the website well. The website contains information for iPads, Chromebooks, web resources, and technology integration topics. A popular section is Schrock's Bloomin' Apps where you can find apps (iPad, Google, Android) and websites linked to Bloom's Taxonomy.

If you are currently looking for resources, or know you have a skill coming up you would like to integrate technology into, I encourage you to check out one or all of these resources!