Assembly Line

Assembly lines make the job get done quicker.

Pioneers of the Assembly Line

Ransom invented the assembly line in Lansing, Michigan, 1901. He ws born on June 3rd, 1864, and died on August 26th, 1950. Many think that Ford was the inventor. The assembly line was a moving line and some separation of labor to 4,000 in 1904. It had a worker at each station to perform a certain job. Ford actually improved the assembly line by adding conveyor belts. In Ford's assembly line a motor and rope pulled the chassis past the workers and parts on the factory floor, cutting the time of manufacturing hours to complete a Model T from 12.5 hours. Within a year, further improvements reduced the time to a mere 90 minutes.

Impact on Society

The creation of the assembly line enabled mass production of the Model T. This led to a less expensive, more durable automobile. Because of the assembly line Ford's vehicles were accessible to the average middle-class person. Today the assembly has been beneficial to many people and has improved production of all products.