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It sure was a lot of fun this semester


I learned a lot about photoshop and how to use it.

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Written Reflection

This semester I learned a lot about pictures from the rules of composition to how to use photoshop. One of my favorite projects was the humans of Fossil Ridge project. That project really let us get to know people a lot better and made us interact with people that we didn't know before. My least favorite one would have to be the story picture not because it wasn't fun but because it has hard to do and finish but it was still fun. The way i feel about photography is that it is a fun class to take. It is one of the funnest classes i had all year. What made this class fun was the camera and the photos but what also made this class fun was the people. The people in this class are fun to be around and i think that is one of the great things i got from being in this class.