Katharine Hepburn

Scarlet Of The Silver Screen

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Katharine Hepburn, born on may 12 1907, in Hartford Connecticut. She has had a roller coaster of a career in Hollywood so far. Katharine grew up in her home in Connecticut. Katharine's parents have been constantly encouraging her and her siblings to express themselves to their fullest.

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Katharine in the iconic Sylvia Scarlett.

I meet Katharine at her home in Connecticut. She answers the door wearing her signature trousers. Her hair is untamed and bright red. Her makeup is minimal, non existent even. Her smile is beaming in the light as she shows me to the back deck. Her home, yet having 6 bedrooms still feels very cozy and homey. She has a deep pride with her home.
As Katharine shows me around her home, I instantly fall in love with it. It is a house anyone could love and live in. Once we are seated, she beams in recognition of her past.
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Katharine with her husband Ludlow Ogden Smith

"I did love Ludlow, I did, I never really committed to the relationship." She states, "I was more focused on my career I barely spent anytime with Ludlow. One of my most regretful things I could do." She remembers. "I never wanted children. I have always believed that motherhood should be a full time job.." She flips her hair out of her face while looking troubled for a minute.
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Katharine in her early years'

"I grew up being very shy, after my brother died something inside of me changed," she says, "I became too quiet for my own good. I even dropped out of school to be home schooled." She reminisced, "When I decided to go to college at Bryn Mawr, I made the gracious decision to join a play production."
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Katharine In The Warriors Husband (1932)

This role brought her to the attention of Hollywood
Katharine broke into stardom with her role in The Warriors Husband. Many film offers came to her after the film was made. Katharine was casted in A Bill Of Divorcement, she stared alongside John Barrymore. The film was a hit right away.
Katharine was signed to RKO studios and made a total of five films between the time of 1932-1934.
"I was ecstatic when I won my first academy award," she reminisced, "my hard work was finally starting to pay off." She stated, "My audience was getting frustrated with me back in the 30's. They didn't agree with my style choices.. I simply wanted to be myself, whatever that looked like to others." She looks at the lake while she thinks. "I remember back when they labeled me 'Box-office poison'. You see I was smart. I went back to my roots.. Broadway. I was determined to get my career back in shape." She says, "And that is exactly what I did!"
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Katharine in the Philadelphia story (1938)

Katharine did indeed bring her career around. She bought out her contract with RKO, and bought the rights for The Philadelphia Story. She sold it on the condition that she be the star. She wanted Clarke Gable and Spencer Tracy for the roles, But she ended up with Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Things were looking up for Katharine, then she met Spencer Tracy.
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Spencer Tracy and Katharine hepburn

"He was the best and worst thing to happen to me," The sun reflects her watery eyes as she speaks. "I loved him with all my heart. I would have done anything for him, Life was just better when I was around him. " She reminisces. "I devoted 5 years out of my career looking after him. I would have taken away the rest of my career to still be with him today." She says, "I was 34 when the affair started, Spencer was 41, I was content and didn't think I needed marriage to love someone." She recalls, " I was independent-- even when I was in a relationship I was still independent, I still am an independent women."
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"I don't want to brag, but I do all of my own stunts I just can't get the stunt ladies to stand up straight enough!" She laughs.
Katharine never didn't show her true self. she was always in character-- her own character. She never let Hollywood change who she is. She always managed to bring her true self into every role she played. She is home town girl who never wanted to be a mother, but who loved her family dearly.