Book Review

"Hunger Games" By: Wytni Thompson


In the Hunger Games there are 12 districts that one guy and one girl are randomly picked to go fight for there district. They all had to kill each other to win but only one person ends up being the winner. Katniss and peeta are the ones that went for district 12. They really didn't talk much. They made huge impressions on al the people that set up the Hunger Games. When they started there were people getting killed right off the back. They both ended up falling in love with each other and at the end they were the only two left but they would not kill each other so they were both the winners.

I liked a lot of the book but the thing I liked most was when they ended up both winning.

I didn't like how they didn't really stay together at the end. They said they were just going to go back to normal.

I recommend this book to everyone that hasn't read it because it is great.