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February 11, 2019

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President's Day

There is no school on Monday February 18, 2019. Schools are closed for President's Day. See you on Tuesday!
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Language Arts

Students wrapped up the end of the week by watching the Flowers for Algernon movie and completing a Text to Film reflection. Next week students will begin reading the Frankenstein graphic novel.

Advanced students are reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. Be on the lookout for extra work at home this month, especially if students are absent.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Brittany Langley



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This week students started in the Real Number system with Squares and square roots. Today is the last day of the six weeks! Hopefully students have finished strong! We will begin the Third Six weeks continuing with the Real Number System by looking at Cubes and Cube roots, how to convert Fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions and Rational and Irrational numbers. We will then move into the Pythagorean theorem! Have a good weekend and see you on Tuesday!

Karissa Hammock

Team 8 Math



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This week we are working on John Brown 80% assignment. John Brown is a very important person in Kansas History as well as US history. Ask your student about John Brown and whether or he is a hero or a villain.