Peasant Life

Feudalism Roles

Peasant responsibilities

  • Peasants grew crops and raised livestock.
  • They rented land from the owner of the property.
  • They paid rent in the form of labour on the lords own land.
  • Some of the poorer peasants were hired by wealthier peasants as servants or laborers.

Benefits & Restrictions


  • Peasants can freely set up a commune amongst themselves.
  • A charter can be purchased for the peasants or town people to buy and sell their own lands.
  • Also, being able to make their own food and raise their own livestock to feed themselves and their family.

  • Peasants cannot marry unless The Lord approves.
  • The fuedal controlled what you do, what work you did and the goods you'll buy and pay for.
  • Your living standards were very poor, you weren't allowed to live an urban life.

Daily Life

The Lord would wake me up at whatever time fit his need.

Then he would tell me what to do for the day.

I would probably labour or work in my field for half the day.

The rest of the day I would harvest what I could and give half of that to the lords, then go sell at the market or make breads or other things in the lords kitchen that he provides to the peasants.

After the day was over I would eat what The Lord told me to, maybe feed my family, and go to bed to do it all over again.