URL Shorteners for Sharing

URL Shorteners for Sharing

Sometimes sharing a link is necessary, and shortening the URL can help your recipients. The use of a URL shortener can be a fast fix when you’re sharing a long web address. URL shorteners will take a long and/or complex URL, like that of a Google item, and dramatically shorten it to make it easier for your target audience.

Listed below are some awesome options that require a few clicks or some copy and paste:

yellkey.com - Yell Key is my FAVORITE! It is a free URL shortener that makes a document or website temporarily available from 5 minutes to 24 hours. The URL’s produced are short and use a full word, so it is easy to type. (ex: yellkey.com/school)

tinyurl.com - TinyURL is also free to use, but once generated, your URL is permanently available. The added advantage is that its users can customize the text of their shortened URL.

bit.ly.com - Bit.ly is also free to use and creates a permanent link to content. However, it randomly generates the characters of your URL and it can sometimes be tricky to figure out.

The-qrcode-generator.com - The QR Code Generator not only allows you to shorten URLs, but also create and download a QR Code for seamless mobile device access to your online content! Like bit.ly, the QR code generator will shorten URLs with random characters.

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