by Lily Clouse

my goal

My goal in life is to become a dancer. In any way I can, I would like to go to JYP entertainment and become a dance trainee. Maybe, if i'm lucky, I might become a K pop Idol. But my main goal at the moment is to follow in the footsteps of my idols, GOT7.

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how i'm going to achieve my goal

I plan to do several things to achieve my goal. I plan on learning fluent Korean first, to be able to communicate with the managers at JYP. Then i want to start college on campus at either Texas Tech or Julliard.
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My Setbacks

I have several setbacks to my dreams and goals. One of them is the fact that my family doesn't have a lot of money. It is very expensive to have a plane ticket to Seoul, South Korea and be able to get a hotel room. It is also hard to maintain enough money to stay in that hotel, as well as it is very expensive to go to a high-end college, or any college for that matter, like Julliard.
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JYP history

JYP entertainment was founded by Park Jin-Young in 1997. Huge kpop stars have been produced by JYP, including got7, miss A and JJ project.
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what if money and health weren't a setback?

If money and health weren't a setback, i would be unstoppable. i would be able to go to Seoul, South Korea and live my dream. Unfortunately, they are huge setbacks, but i think i can get through them with enough hard work and effort.
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my role models

i have many role models, most of them being kpop stars and idols. my biggest female individual role model. She has such a powerful voice and is such an inspiration. My biggest male inspiration is Kim Minseok from EXO. He is such a good dancer and i admire him so much. he loves and adores his fans and he is such a dorky free spirit.