Read Across America

Challenge 2

My favorite book?

Some of my favorite books are Jack and Annie books, The Magic Tree House.

Author: Mary Pope Osborne Title: A Good Night For Ghosts


The book I read is called A Good Night For Ghosts by Mary Pope Osborne. It is part of the Magic Tree House series. In this story, Jack and Annie, the main characters, go back in time to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1915. Jack and Annie’s mission is to find a musician named Louis Armstrong and help him perform his music.

I liked this book. It is funny and scary at the same time. One funny part is when Jack and Annie play music, a lot of ghosts start dancing. My favorite part was when Jack and Annie eat a beignet (a kind of doughnut) because it reminds me of eating one during my trip to New Orleans 2 years ago. My favorite character in the book is Jack because he is smart and always records facts.

Jack and Annie say a place that they one to visit. The tree house spins and spins once it stops they are transported to the area. How amazing is that!


I would recommend these books because they are easy to read, not only that but because they are very good books. Read one! If you like adventurous books then go ahead pick up a Jack and Annie book from your library or something then just read.