Amazon Rainforest

By: Lauren Schondau

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Challenges the Amazon Rain Forest is facing:


The Amazon Rain Forest is facing deforestation,its ultimate problem. The trees are being cut down by workers to create more living space for urban areas. Because of this problem animals are loosing their homes and many endangered plants are being cut down. People have been working on this problem for many years. By recognizing this problem the deforestation rates are reducing, but this still remains a problem for the Amazon Forest.

Climate Change

The climate in the Amazon changes drastically every year. Each time this happens about 75% of the rainforest struggles to stay alive. We cannot help the climate, so this problem continues to challenge the rainforest

Water Shortage

Over the past year the amazon has experienced two droughts that have lead the Amazon to a water shortage. Animals and plants need the water to survive. Without the water animals and Plants are dying out.

Important Facts:


I have learned many things about the Amazon Rainforest. Did you know there were 2.5 million insects in just the Amazon Rainforest?! I was also surprised to find out how important the rain forest is to the Earth. It produces 20% of the worlds oxygen! The amazon is very important to our ecosystem. To help make sure the Amazon stays out of deforestation, the Greenpeace foundation helps raise awareness. They are trying to stop deforestation in the Amazon by 2015 and deforestation globally by 2020.