Come To The Mighty Neptune

$4,400 per person

Welcome to Neptune!

Welcome to the eighth farthest planet from our sun!! This planet is made up of helium and hydrogen so get ready to hear your voice at it's highest pitch, and enjoy our underwater hotels with a balcony at the top of each one so you can go above the water and feel the Helium move through the outside of your space suit.
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Fun Facts about the plant you are going to visit!

1. Neptune spins on its axis rapidly it takes 18 hours for the clouds to make one rotation around the planet.

2. Neptune is the smallest among the ice giants

3. Neptune consist of Helium and Hydrogen with some methane

4. Large storms whirl through its atmosphere so you can enjoy the great view

5. Neptune has 14 moons

6. Triton is Neptune's largest moon

7. Neptune has 5 rings

8. Neptune was discovered by Urbain Le Verrier & Johann Galle

9. Neptune's Surface temperature is -201 degrees celsius

10. Neptune's rings is made up of a collection of ice and dust particles

Space Suit!

The space suit consist of an Helmet made of flexible titanium and it has a tiny hole that you can open up twice a day if you want to play with the helium but DO NOT open it underwater because you will mess up your helmet and the oxygen will go away! The suit part will be made up of obsidian and titanium but a flexible and thin sheet of these two substances combined! You will also be able to walk underwater with these specially built suits! These come with and infinite supply of jet stream fuel so that you fly high in the atmosphere and swim at speeds of light underwater! Don't worry about our suit getting damaged you only have to where it if you're going exploring. Other than that you will be protected by the safety of our glass dome underwater hotels!
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Hotels and Underwater Outerspace Living

Based on Neptune's harsh environment this planet is not to be lived on but with the protection of my Giant glass Domes each of our 10 resorts are protected to the point where only oxygen is allowed in we have made these domes to protect our guess from any of Neptune's many harsh storms including the Giant Dark Spot where there is a swirling storm of destruction bigger than any of Earth's storms so be prepared to look at the most amazing storm you'll ever see! The glass is thicker than the size of a single bedroom in a house. This amazing glass will protect you from any harm including the Dark Spot.

Neptune's Largest Moon Triton

Get ready to take a trip to Neptune's largest moon Triton over there we have a really fun amusement park called Tritons Landing where kids of all ages can enjoy the dim light of our sun beaming from miles and miles across our solar system! You can ride the largest roller coaster in our galaxy and its name is, Galatica, you will have so much fun on that ride because you can also float in no gravity while the ride goes up to speeds as fast as light so get ready to have a blast!
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Can't Wait To See You There!!!! Hope You Have A Blast!!!