Attitude is Altitude

Ellen DeGeneres by Joshua song

Displaying Good Attitude

Ellen has a good, strong sense of restlessness and yearning for something greater. It is through this view of life that allows her to keep moving on and go to where the grass is greener. She is very outspoken about her beliefs and views. Sometimes, she gets carried away and exaggerate that enthusiasm.

Her Influence by Displaying Attitude

She supports gay rights and her views and beliefs had greatly influenced the debate on gay rights. She was only able to influence others by displaying good attitude and good sportsmanship. Despite some discrimination for being homosexual, she still looked on and kept moving forward. Instead of it bringing her down, she kept taking it head on and now today she hosts her own talk show.

Peoples' Thoughts on Ellen.

Even other people think of her as a good sport and a good friend. Some even said they see her as wise, as she does not get bogged down by pettiness or challenges. She never gives up and she strongly believe in miracles and just plain dumb luck. Because she never gives up, continues to inspire others to do so as well.

Her Attitude's Effect

People say because of her attitude she is a really good role model especially for young women. Those people admire her ability to capture the bigger picture. She promotes self awareness and self confidence which seems to draw in those people. Her attitude on everything inspire other to take on any challenge with their heads held high.

To Me

To me, Ellen DeGeneres is personally not my own role model. However her way of thinking does apply to my life. It influences me to do things knowing that if I fail, I can keep going on instead of complaining about it. She taught me to keep moving forward and move on, instead of staying in the past. Even if I fail, I can learn from it then keep moving forward. She also taught me to look at challenges as opportunities and to face it with a smile. Ellen DeGeneres's attitude had spread to me.
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