Roman Justice

Similarites and differences

Roman law

TABLE IProcedure: for courts and trials

TABLE IITrials, continued.


TABLE IVRights of fathers (paterfamilias) over the family

TABLE VLegal guardianship and inheritance laws

TABLE VIAcquisition and possession

TABLE VIILand rights

TABLE VIIITorts and delicts (Laws of injury)

TABLE IXPublic law

TABLE XSacred law

TABLE XISupplement I

TABLE XIISupplement II

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Roman and U.S. similarites

Both the U.S and roman empire have or had 3 branches of government

Both controlled or control a large amount of land

Both have or had many poor people

Both had to take over land that was not theres

They both have or had punishments if the law was not obeyed

In both religion is or was a big part of the lives of the people who lived there

Roman and U.S. differences

Many people in roman were not born citizens but every person who is born in the U.S. are citizens

The U.S. stays as allies with some contries when roman would take control of everything

Roman women could not vote but in the U.S. men and woman can vote

Roman punishments were very painful wall in the U.S. punishments are alot less painful