Cokie Roberts

Political Commentator

Cokie's Background

Cokie, originally named Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 27th, 1943. She graduated from Stone Ridge School, which was an all girls school, and she graduated from Wellesley College, where she received a BA in Political Science. She married Steven V. Roberts, who is a professor and fellow journalist. They decided to move to Bethesda, Maryland and start a family. They had two kids, one of which also became a journalist.

Cokie's Career Path

Throughout her early life Cokie has written books about women and how they have changed the way society thinks about them and she has also written a book about her interfaith marriage. Her books caused her to already have a way into the journalist world. She didn't have many obstacles to get to where she is now. Her writing career has helped get her name out to the world and gave herself more credibility. She covered Politics, Congress, and public policy for many news shows. She also co- anchored with Sam Donaldson on This Week. Her work load was huge and very stressful, also the fact that the field she was in is a man's field. All of that was tough for her to overcome, but she never thought it was "hard". She thought that work wasn't hard, but that life, itself was.