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September 30, 2019

District Heroes Week

What a WEEK!

We are so fortunate to be in a district that provides excellence to ALL students, including our littles. This past week, representatives from Child Nutrition, Transportation, Tomball High School, and Maintenance provided hands on learning during District Heroes Week. Our hearts melted each day as we saw departments and student groups individualize the experience for our littles as each group introduced how they make our community and district GREAT! We can not thank you enough! You captured every child's curiosity and forever made an imprint.

Pictures taken during District Heroes Week will be posted to our Facebook group page as well as our Twitter account.



You may recognize some new faces in the mornings during drop off. Our CTE students for Child Guidance and Education have now officially joined our EEA campus. These students are working towards their certification in Early Childhood. Please join me in welcoming our future teachers.

New Faces

I am very pleased to announce that we are continuing to grow! Ms. Itzeibeth Lima Lopez has joined us as a paraprofessional in our Foxes classroom. She has previously worked at Children's Lighthouse and ABC Academy. She has experience as a teaching assistant and lead teacher. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Itzeibeth and make sure to stop by and introduce yourself!


October 2: RED OUT

  • Wear Red to Support THS Cougars during their homecoming week

October 9-11: Fire Prevention Week

  • Fire Truck visit is scheduled for October 9.

October 31: Trick or Treating

  • Students will wear festive Halloween t-shirts or orange and black


We are so fortunate at EEA to see our youngest students achieving some pretty big milestones. We have been targeting increasing the use of our small muscles in our hands. Well, it has really paid off! Let me introduce you to one of our youngest cats who can now successfully open his milk bottle independently. Way to go friend, we are so proud of you!

Here are some fine motor development activities to help strengthen muscles needed for learning to write:

  • Using a spray bottle to water plants
  • Practice grabbing and holding small items with tweezers or tongs
  • Using a paper punch
  • String pasta or cereal onto yarn
  • Cut and make a mosaic from thick paper
  • Create eye-dropper art on coffee filters with food coloring and water
  • Playing Jacks
  • Paint or draw on vertical surfaces like an easel
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Just a Reminder-Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

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Coffee in the Cafe

Parents, we continue to invite you to join us for "Coffee in the Cafe." Coffee in the Cafe is a designated time devoted to visiting with our families weekly as we continue to grow. Families can build supportive relationships with each other and center staff as they offer feedback regarding EEA. Your feedback will then be used to facilitate our families' needs as well as to develop our center.

Coffee in the Cafe is held each Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:45 in our center's cafeteria. If you are unable to enjoy a cup of coffee with us, please leave us an "EspressNote." EspressNotes can be completed at any time and reviewed by staff on Fridays.

We will keep the coffee pot full for you!

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Our Child Nutrition staff has been amazing! Hot lunches have been delivered daily since the first day of school and the menu has been a huge hit with our little cats! The staff at THS needs our lunch count by 9:15, so parents please let your teacher know whether or not a lunch will be needed if your child is coming in late.


Please make sure the following items are ready for your child daily:

-Two changes of clothes, including socks and underwear

-Morning and afternoon snacks

-Nap time materials

-Reusable water cup

Contact Us

Continue to log into Brightwheel for all daily activities and notes from staff. If you are having concerns with receiving updates, please let any member of EEA know!

2019-2020 Early Excellence Academy Staff

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