By: Lailah Jackson

What Its About

The SlutWalk is a protest/march formed by a group of feminist to diminish the idea that what a girl wears, says, or acts is apart of whether or not she is raped


The SlutWalk was formed after a police officer was giving an informational assembly about precautions and ways to avoid rape to a group of college students. During the assembly he made a comment stating if girls want to not get raped so bad maybe they should stop dressing like "sluts". this then sparked anger in not just feminist but people in general, the SlutWalk was then formed.


The main reason why many people were so alarmed and set back by the comment was the common belief that what a girl wears, says, acts, etc.. does not mean yes and give consent. No means No despite any of these things.

What Is It

The SlutWalk is a walk or 'march' by women or men whom are dressed in revealing clothing or concealing clothing. Often times these people will hold up signs related to the main idea of the event.


The aftermath of this event is overwhelming. Not only has it caught the eye of people around the united states but it has also catched the attention of celebrity's and people all over the globe. There have been a whirlwind of opinions on this subject, some people believe that the people involved are just making a fool of themselves and embarrassing women all over, others although have been positive and supportive enough that the SlutWalk can be carried to city's all over the country.
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