Moving Us Closer and Further from the Founding Ideals

Social Issue of Then and Now


Leading white political figures took it under their own hands to destroy black political power and restore white supremacy in government. They created a sadistic group known as the Ku Klux Klan, the first terrorist group of America. There responsibility was to diminish any and all hope of blacks having any power in government. In their eyes, they were the law. They believed that white people were the normality because of the blacks past estate. They did not support the publication of black civil rights and began taking over the government. The irony of the picture is that the Klan was of the Democratic party, but other supporters of the Democratic party were weary of the Klan because of their violent manner.

Civil Rights

Since the end of the Civil War, the fight for equal rights has been an explosive debate throughout the country. There are still many groups of people that believe America should stay American and in there own ways believe in different normality for the American person. Civil rights are based on personal belief and demeanor, most influenced by greater figures that are looked up to. But, no matter what, the normal way of life is different for every person. Each character represents a different social debate, but they all connect because of the way they are looked upon. The irony of course stares us all straight in the face. Our society is the one of the most diverse in the world. So many different cultures and ways of life exist just in our small country. To think that there is still so much debate and controversy over supremacy of races is very surprising. But, the never ending cycle of power and corruptness will forever exist in all societies.

Political Issue Then and Now


Literacy tests were used to keep people of color, and sometimes poor whites, from voting. They were administered at the discretion of the officials in charge of voter registration meaning depending on the race of the person the questions could be easier or harder. The tests were the way that the southerners tries to dissuade and keep the blacks from ever having the right to vote since most blacks were illiterate. The irony of the picture is the fact that even though there were many white people who still were terrible with the English language, they were allowed to vote no matter what, just because of their race.

Woman's Rights

The fight for the women's right to vote was just as much of a struggle. The 19th amendment, guaranteeing women's right to vote, was not ratified until 1920, 50 years after the 15th amendment was ratified granting the right to vote to black men. Its all connected though. It was the fight for supremacy, but now between gender. The rule that men were superior to women molded the 19th century. Thankfully, women fought for their rights and did not bow down to the males idealistic vision of their own superiority. But back then, the idea of women having equal rights to men was a joke, a delusion as stated in the cartoon. Their dreams were mocked and looked down upon simply because of their gender, while the opposite sex lived life to the fullest having their life as an american citizen fulfilled with rights that were unfairly directed to one part of the nation.

Economic Issue Then and Now

As Close to Slavery as They Could Get

After the slaves were freed, they needed to find steady jobs to start a life as an American citizen and support their family's. They would find things like Blacksmiths, Barbers and other such jobs. However, in the south, past plantation workers tried to get their fields up and running again. They did negotiate terms with the black "workers". but what the blacks were doing was almost no different from what they would have done when they were a field slave. There were no bathrooms, and they were treated all the same, like poop. I believe this was the beginning of the black "up rise", meaning their realization of their rights and their try at raising through the ranks of governmental power. Even when they tried to get simple jobs they were shunned because of their lack of knowledge and illiteracy. Unfortunately, the rate of illiteracy through the whites was probably about the same. It was all still about being the dominant race.

Mexican Immigrant Farmers

Cesar Chavez, a man well known for his dedication to the cause, lead some of the biggest riots and boycotts in America. The simple reason behind them all, unfair treatment to immigrant farm workers. Of course, whites either pitied there pathetic try at gaining respect, or stepped into the riots and helped.