Using Edmodo

How can it help in the classroom and beyond.

What is Edmodo

To those that might be unsure, Edmodo is a way of connecting with your students, to share info and to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom

Uses of Edmodo

Each teacher and each students is going to be different, there is no one magic answer to what will engage students in your classroom but i will try to list some ways I have used it and some ideas i have seen from others.

Reflection on learning

Getting the students to simply review what they have done is a positive tool, it both tracks progress but also gaps in learning. It will also have an impact on literacy skills if you choose it to be a specific focus. We look at simple punctuation of writing with our Y7

Managing courses

i use it with my BTEC classes to ensure that all of their coursework is stored in one place and is available at all times. By setting assignments i also have a simple way of ensuring deadlines are met. It acts as a personal organiser and saves me a load of time.

Flipped learning

This is a fairly simple notion of pre loading learning using homework as a starter to the lesson as opposed to a reflection of the lesson. You create or share information to be viewed before the lesson so that students come with ideas already in place that you can reflect on in the lesson. It is a great tool to ensure that students have the right information and can save time to do more developmental work in lessons.