Principal's Bulletin

Week 4: September 14-18, 2020

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that we are entering the 4th week of school already. During week 3 of school we had the opportunity to welcome back a small group of students to in person learning. It certainly has been exciting to have our Eagles back in the building. In the next few weeks we are expected to phase in our next group of in person learners. Below I have outlined who is eligible to return and what their return to school will look like.

If you signed up your child for in person learning and if your child is eligible to return, I will be reaching out to you with more information. Have a great weekend and I thank you for your continuous support.

Peace, Love, & Eagles!

Mrs. Zagala


Phase Two of In Person Learning

As you know, NISD has started implementing our Public Health Transition Plan this week. Since health metrics are showing signs of improvement in our county and city, we are beginning to plan for our second group of students! Please continue to follow the latest news and updates at

Who is in Group Two?

The second group contains two sub-groups of students. Click here for the infographic. The first sub-group are our early learners-students in Pre-K, ECSE, Kindergarten, and first grade. Students whose families selected IN PERSON instruction and fall into this subgroup may be invited to return as early as September 21st! Those families who selected virtual learning will continue to learn virtually and those who did not make a selection will continue to learn virtually.

The second sub-group consists of students in 2nd grade and students grades 3-5 who selected IN PERSON instruction and are considered academically At Risk according to certain criteria. These students may be invited to return as early as September 28th.

What Will Classes Look Like?

If the health metrics continue to trend in a positive direction, classrooms will be built at a ratio of 10 students to 1 teacher. In order to ensure this ratio and accommodate teachers who have been medically certified to work at home, some students may need to be temporarily placed in another classroom. No teacher will have more than the approved NISD ratio of students to include students learning virtually.

In this new model, your child’s teacher may be providing both in person and virtual instruction. The schedule students have been following will remain mostly the same. Small changes may be necessary in order to accommodate in person lunch times.

Will My Student Be Safe While at School?

All staff at Allen have been thoroughly trained in district and campus protocols as well as the current CDC guidelines to ensure safety. Please take time to read our Start Smart Playbook for more information. Plexiglass is currently being installed in classrooms to minimize contact between students who work at the same table with each other or the teacher. Minimal furniture and other materials will be set up in order to ensure physical distancing. All students ages 5 and older must wear a mask.

What Happens When My Child Arrives at School?

For now, all students will receive a temperature check upon arriving at school. All students must also pass a health screener before being allowed to enter the building. Since most students will not be able to accurately communicate their health status and we will have many students arriving at the same time potentially, parents should complete the screening for their child the night before. The link to the screener is provided here. Parents should select STUDENT when completing the screener. Campus administrators will have access to a report and parents will be called if a screener is not completed.

If you signed up your child for in person learning and if your child is eligible to return, I will be reaching out to you with more information.

Celebrate Freedom Week

We will be celebrating Freedom Week this week. Students are invited to join in on the celebration by wearing different items each day to celebrate our freedom. Please see the information below.
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What do I do if my child is experiencing technology issues during the day?

We realize that some of you may have experienced glitches or technology issues during the day, and we realize how frustrating these issues can be. Should you encounter a problem such as not being able to access a Zoom meeting or a log in error, please call the front office for assistance. Even though our classroom teachers would love to be able to support your immediate technology needs they are in class and are unable to respond to text messages, phone calls, DoJo messages or emails while they are instructing their class. Please know that if you reach out to a teacher during the instructional day they may not get your message until their conference time or office hours because they are in class. The office staff is trained to help troubleshoot many technology issues and can take your calls during the day. We really appreciate your cooperation and support with this to ensure that our teachers are able to deliver quality instruction that is uninterrupted.
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Tips For Successful Virtual Learning

We know that virtual learning is still new to all of us. Our campus staff has compiled a list of tips for successful virtual learning:

--Keep a regular schedule (the school day begins at 7:45 AM and ends at 3:10 PM)

--Log in on time to Zoom meetings

--Make sure to join all subjects throughout the day

--Submit all assignments on time

--For assistance from your teacher please ask them if you can set up a time to meet during his or her office hours

Parent & Family Engagement Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey in the link below. This information will assist us and the Northside ISD’s Family Engagement Program in creating services to respond to your needs. Please complete this survey by September 25, 2020. Thank you for your time and valuable input. We appreciate your support.

Attendance & Grades

Daily attendance is taken for student participation in live lessons. We understand that some students are unable to participate in live lessons due to various reasons. If a student is unable to participate in a live lesson they still have the opportunity of being marked "Present" for the day by submitting work assignments through Schoology.

Grades on submitted work are also being taken in all content areas (Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies) as well as Discovery Time (Music, PE, and Art) for grades K-5. Incomplete assignments or missing assignments will be reflected in the student's grades.

If you have any questions about grades or attendance please contact your child's teacher or reach out to me.

Student Assessments

Each year in the beginning of the year the campus and district assess students in different content areas to determine a baseline of where our students are academically. These baseline assessments that the students take are not for a grade but instead are strictly for data purposes so that we can know more about where your child is academically and how we can better support them. As most of our students are currently in a virtual learning environment it is very likely that your child may be completing one or more of these assessments from home. Although it may be challenging at times, we ask parents not to assist their child with the assessment but only offer encouragement and remind the student that these assessments are not intended for a grade. Below we have compiled a list of assessments that your child may be taking virtually at the beginning of the school year. Your child's teacher will be in communication with you to let you know when or if your child will be participating in any of the assessments listed below.

ISIP (Istation's Indicators of Progress) measures the literacy skills students need to develop reading proficiency. It is administered to all K-5 students at various times throughout the school year.

TPRI (English) and Tejas Lee (Spanish) are early reading assessments designed to identify the reading and comprehension development of students in grades 1 and 2. Early reading assessment will help to provide students the targeted instruction they need to improve as readers.

English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) writing benchmark is for English Learners in 2nd-5th grade. This is intended to gauge a student's progress in English writing. It is important that we see the student’s true ability so that we may best help them make progress towards the next proficiency level. We ask that students write independently so that we may better prepare them for the TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System) state assessment that begins in February.

MAP Growth helps teachers in grades K-5 understand what students know today in Math so that goals can be set to improve growth throughout the year. Students cannot pass or fail this test.

Library Story Time and Lessons with Mrs. Delgadillo

In addition to their regular class meetings, we hope that your child will be able to join our librarian, Mrs. Delgadillo, for story time and grade level lessons. Please see the schedule and Zoom links below:


Day: Monday Time: 9:00-9:25



Day: Monday Time: 10:30-11:00


1st Grade

Day: Monday Time: 12:30-1:00


2nd grade

Day: Monday Time: 2:00-2:30


3rd grade Library lesson &/or book talk

Day: Tuesday Time: 10:30-11:00


4th grade Library lesson &/or book talk

Day: Tuesday Time: 11:00-11:25


5th grade Library Lesson &/or book talk

Day: Tuesday Time: 12:45-1:15


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Online Student Homework Support

Starting Monday, Aug. 31, NISD will offer Online Student Homework Support provided free of charge to all NISD students after hours and weekends. Our goal is to assist students in the academic content areas of Reading/ELA, Math, Science, and/or Social Studies. A certified Teacher Tutor will provide assistance to your child via video conferencing, screen share, or chat.

The Online Student Homework Support hours are: Monday through Thursday 4 to 8 p.m. for elementary students and 6 to 10 p.m. for secondary students; Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for all levels; and Sundays from 2 to 6 p.m. for all levels.

Students will be able to access the link beginning Aug. 31 through Schoology under the courses tab, in the Home Access Center (HAC) under the school links tab, and in their NISD portal with an icon that signifies Student Homework Support. We look forward to supporting all of our students that need assistance in the content areas.

Meals--Curbside Lunch (Monday-Friday 10:00-1:00)

During virtual learning, lunch will be served curbside daily from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM. Be prepared to provide your child's name and teacher name. If you have have a child that attends Rayburn Middle School or John Jay High School you will need their name and student ID number to get their meals.

Morning Announcements

We hope that students will join the campus administration every morning at 7:40 AM for announcements. The link to the morning announcements is below:

Have you completed your 2020 Census? It only takes a few minutes to respond.

Visit to complete the Census questionnaire online or call (844) 330-2020, or (844) 468-2020 for Spanish, to speak with a live Census employee who can help you fill out the questionnaire by phone. There are only nine questions, and responding is easy, safe and secure.

Remember, Census data helps decide how much federal funding our community receives for schools, hospitals, roads, public works, and other important programs.

Let’s do our best to make sure Allen families count in this year’s Census!

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