Big Change in Student Pick-up Procedure!!

This change goes into effect on Monday, November 2, 2015!

School Resource Officer Noel Houze has announced that, due to safety concerns and daily traffic backups on Carr Street, the Milan Community School Corporation, in conjunction with the Milan Police Department, has developed a new traffic flow pattern and procedure for the afternoon pick-up of students at Milan Elementary School.

This change begins on Monday, November 2. Starting Monday, drivers should turn onto Lakeview Drive as they’ve always done. But, at the top of the hill they turn left toward the railroad tracks, then make a right turn and go along the north end of the parking lot to the portable buildings and then turn right again to enter the parking lot and the student pick-up area. (This is opposite to what you have been doing.)

Once their ride is stopped in the pick-up area, students will be released to enter the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a passenger door on the pick-up side, the student will cross in front of the vehicle they are going to enter to avoid crossing between vehicles.

When the student is safely seated and buckled into the vehicle, the driver should exit the parking lot by traveling in front of the Superintendent’s Office between the two rows of staff vehicles (see map below). Exiting car rider traffic will be stopped briefly when the buses are ready to leave the elementary lot.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we all adjust to this change. Student safety is our number one concern!

Please note that morning drop off procedure WILL NOT CHANGE!

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