Mesopotamia 2


Question 1



Question 2

The requirements of a civilization

. Urban revolution

. New political and Military Structures

. Social Structure based on economic power

. The development of complex technology

. Development of writing

. Distinct religious structure

. New forms of artistic and cultural activity

Question 3

Hammurabi laws are important because it was the first laws that were set down in writing, these laws brought fairness. This also was the first language made and first language to be able to be write down.

Question 4

. Law 22 is stating that if you commit robbery and are caught then you have to be killed.

. Law 19 states that if you keep slaves in your home and are caught then you will be killed.

. Law 54 is stating that if you can't replace someone's corn which you have ruined then what ever you have will be divided among the farmers whose corn has flooded.

. Law 61 states that if a gardener hasn't completed planting the field and one part is unused then that one part is now his.

. Law 118 states If someone gives away a slave and then the merchant sells the slave no charges will be pressed.

Question 5

Gilgamesh was a hero and was half man and half god.

Gilgamesh was very powerful. He wanted a challenge, so he went to the ziggurat and prayed to the gods that they would give him something to do and they did. They sent Enkidu down to Earth and he frightened the townspeople. Enkidu and Gilgamesh fought and fought, but neither won. They ended up becoming the best of friends and the townspeople thanked their god , Marduk for sending Gilgamesh a friend.