The Basics of Naturalization

By Ximena

Naturalization is-

is the legal process through which a foreign citizen that can become a USA citizen



  • time outside the country that your attorney can explain in detail
  • a lawyer of experienced with immigration attorney
  • coach through you the test and interview preparation
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Completing Your Application

  • complete form n-400 application for naturalization
  • Get two photographs of your self that meet immigration service requirements
  • collect the necessary documents
  • send application documents and fee the app is 320 and the fee is 70 biometric fee for fingerprinting as of august to appropriate service center
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Getting finger printed

  • Receive an appointment letter from the USCIS.

  • Go to the finger print location.

  • Get your finger prints taken.

  • Mail additional documents if requested.

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Being Interviewed and Tested

  • Receive an appointment for your interview.

  • Go to your local office at the specified time.

  • Bring identification.

  • Answer questions about your application and your background.

  • Take the English and civics tests.

  • Receive a decision

Taking the Oath of Allegiance

  • Receive a ceremony date.

  • Check in at the ceremony.

  • Retur n your Per manent Resident Card.

  • Answer questions about what you have been doing since your interview.

  • Take the oath of allegiance.