Pieces of Eight

Tech Treasure #2.....11/16/14

Faux 'Facebook' Pages

How can I use faux Facebook profiles in the classroom?

These types of projects appeal to students and require a high level of thinking to complete. Student must take the information they have learned about a character or concept then transform it into modern day status updates, choose appropriate friends, and likes. Creative thought is a must here. Suggestions to get you started:

  • Assign students historical characters and have them create a social network profile page during a designated period of time.
  • Students can create a faux facebook page for a literary character during the reading of a novel or afterwards as a review type activity.
  • More of a stretch, but have students pose as a math or science concept, planets, shapes, chemical reaction, etc. and create a series of wall posts.
  • Use faux facebook pages as a beginning of the year 'get to know you' activity. Students can complete a template as themselves.
  • Create a class Fakebook page together with your students after a particular holiday or event then share with parents and guardians.