She's So Money





  • Author-Cherry Cheva
  • # of pages- 304
  • Genre- Fiction
  • Lexile-920

Maya: How She's Changed

High school senior Maya is a good girl. She works in her family’s Thai restaurant after school every day and on weekends. She takes several AP courses, tutors other kids and hopes for her Stanford acceptance letter. She knows she’s got a good future, and she likes it that way.

Things begin to change, however, when she is asked to tutor Camden King, a popular hottie and super-obnoxious rich senior. Their first meeting does not go well. He offers Maya cash to do his homework. Maya decided to quit after just ONE meeting.

After she makes a HORRIBLE mistake, Maya is faced with a $10,000 fine. And she only has six weeks to pay it off. Usually, being Maya, she would confess immediately to her parents. But this time, she knows her parents would never forgive her. She keeps this to herself not telling ANYONE. She takes up the fine in her own hands. She decides the only way to get money easily in time would be Camdens mischievous, but lucrative offer. She also has to do homework for a few of Camdens friends, but they don’t really have high standards for her work. The job becomes very stressful at times, but Maya thinks she can handle it.

Soon, Camden and Maya begin to get caught up in a love scheme, and Maya is really confused. It’s her first love, and she isn’t sure if Camden’s the right guy for her.

Soon, Maya figures she won’t make the cut in time. She convinces her friends to join the scheme and help her, but they don’t know she’s not giving them all the money they deserve. Soon, someone finds out about the homework business, and threatens to tell. The only way to stop him is by paying yet another fine. Maya is now even more nervous than before. Maya has gone from “good girl” to “bad girl” and it’s going to cost her in one way or another.

Minor Character, Major Importance

Dani Davis. The principal's daughter isn't who you'd expect her to be. Her best friend is Camden King, and she has a tattoo with the words Easy Rider on her back. Dani Davis is a lazy slacker who shows Maya how to shop properly and even buys her an outfit or two. Dani is one of Maya's homework customers. She helps Maya out when she gets cought. Her first impression turns out to be false, and Dani isn't the "bad person" you expected her to be. She helps Maya in more ways than one, and even though she isn't the nicest of friends, she's someone Maya was glad to meet.

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The Ending

The ending of She's So Money was somewhat effective. It solved most of the problems, but it did leave me wondering why Stanford never let her enter. It never told exactly why they never let her join, though I have a pretty good thought why :) I also wanted to know what happened to everyone else involved in the scheme, and whether they got in trouble or not. It summed up the main part of the story, and Maya did get what she deserved, but it did leave me thinking about what would have happened if she had never done the mischievous act in the first place...

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Camden King

Camden is a...





Obnoxious jerk

Camden King's first impression on Maya wasn't a good one. He was super-weird on their first tutoring session, and Maya HATES him. Maya saw past his good looks before, but later, she saw them clearly. She saw things she had never seen in a boy before. She was confused at what was happening. Everyone was confused! Nobody could imagine the "bad" and popular CK with a nerdy Asian girl who was 5 feet tall. But it happened. Maya and CK got one good thing out of the cheating scheme. They got each other, and that's what made them happy.