Schooled Character List

Meet the characters of the novel, Schooled, by Gordon Korman

Capricorn Anderson

Cap Anderson is a thirteen-year-old boy who was raised on a commune by his grandmother Rain. When his grandmother falls and breaks her hip, he is introduced to a public school for the first time. Cap is a vegetarian, tie-dye wearing hippie, with long unkempt hair who practices Tai Chi regularly. Will Cap fit in at Claverage (more commonly known as C Average) Middle School?


The founder of Garland Farms and grandmother to Cap. She is Cap's only teacher in life and only person he ever knew. She is a peacemaker who prefers to life outside the norms of society in isolation.

Hugh Winkleman

Hugh Winkleman is an eighth grader at C Average Middle School. He also happens to be the bigger nerd in school; captain of the chess team and a computer geek. Hugh refers to himself as a "wedgie receiver" as he anxiously avoids the popular crowd at all costs. In the beginning, Hugh became Cap's only friend at his new school. However, his jealousy and desire to be out of the heat may lead Hughh to foster unlikely friendships.

Zach Powers

Zach Powers is perhaps the most popular middle school boy at C Average. He's captain of the school football team and soccer team and refers to himself as "the Big Man on Campus." Zach thinks everything is perfect until Cap Anderson shows up. Determined to ruin Cap's year by forcing him to be the class president, Powers finds out he has a few surprises ahead of him.
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Supporting Characters

Mr. Rodrigo's Heart Attack

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Cap Swoops In

As Mr. Rodrigo, the school bus driver, fell to the floor having a heart attack, Cap jumped in to rescue him by driving the bus to the hospital. When questioned by Hugh, Cap responds, "Rain says you always know what you're doing when you're doing the right thing."
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Hugh's Reaction

Hugh watched as Naomi directed Cap to the hospital and police swarmed the bus. He questioned Cap's abilities to drive. In the end, when Cap was arrested for endangerment, all Hugh could think of was... "If Cap went to jail, I would be back in business as the number-one punching bag at C Average Middle School."
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Naomi's Reaction

Naomi stepped up to direct Cap to the nearest hospital. When Cap was arrested, Naomi was the first to speak up. "Cap didn't do anything wrong! He was just trying to save Mr. Rodrigo!" The other students began to chime in on his heroic actions.
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