The Giver Community

Compared To Our Community

Why the Giver Community is the Same as Our Community

So this is how I think that the giver society is the same as ours but also different. So how it is the same is there is laws. Everything and everyone has to have rules( Page 11) or things will get out of hand. Also we have a leader like in the giver society. There leader is the Giver and Receiver and also they know everything that has happened in the community. My society's has the mayor and he knows everything about the city or he couldn’t protect us or make the city a better city. We all have to die. In different ways though. And we also all have a family also in different ways.

Why the Giver Community is Not the Same as Our Community

We can’t love you can never have a real family because there is a birth mother, you don’t actually get to be blood related with your brother or sister, but here we get to have a family and get to have the experience of having a real family.Also because we do get memories we know what war is, sunny,snow,sun burn and more but the people in the giver community does not get or even has memories. They just have one person who know it all. And the only people who get to now the memories, see, and feel the memories is only the giver and the receiver which is Jonas.We do get to have the experience of traveling and getting to know new people and how other people live their lives. But in the giver community you can only live in the community that you were born in, you can’t go into other communities unless you go down the dangerous river or through Elsewhere( Page 54).

Why I would live in my Community Instead of the Giver Community

Why I would live in my Community Instead of the Giver Community is Because first of all we get to know and feel about everything. We get to know things that are important. And we know what we need to do and never do again that is bad like for example war. We get to know what bad things feel like and good things feel like they are all the same.. they are use sameness.( Page 106), and also we get to have a real family, we get to know people that had the time to get children, And it would be horrible to have a different mom, dad, and sister and to know that that is not my real family... like in the Giver or Jonas's family, also why is because we can see color, color shows how you are feeling, it would just make everything the same, no different.
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