Barclay Bulletin

Remote Learning Volume 1

Stay Connected

This is the first full week with students working on their devices. Hopefully you have been able to navigate Teams and have made contact with at least one teacher and one friend from school. While this is not an ideal situation, I hope that you are taking opportunities to chat or share what you are working on with your teacher. For those of you who did not pick up a laptop from school, I hope that you were able to connect through Classlink on your home device. This is located under the digital resources tab on our district website. I will link our remote learning page and the digital resources tab below this text in the bulletin. Rather than list all of the information here, the links will take you directly to the information. Remember, you can also call the school at 637-1840 and leave a voice mail message. We are monitoring our phone lines remotely as well.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to teachers through the normal method of communication (Dojo, email, Teams). We're all learning to manage this new normal and discover what our capabilities are. Some students have been signing into their accounts and working on activities. There is no right or wrong method right now, we'll keep you posted as new information comes out.

Want to Share Memories?

Use the link below to access the DropEvent for Barclay School. This site will allow you to upload (only) pictures of your experience while students have been learning from home. Feel free to send pictures of students or (parent)teachers and students and we will post them to the site. Please note that pictures will have to be approved before being uploaded, and they might find their way into our yearbook. Stop back and see the photos that we receive throughout our time away from school. We plan to run this through April 12th, but we have the license to continue through April 24th.

Student Meals

Use the link below to get access to the locations for our meal distribution sites

Yearbook Contest

We typically send out flyers with our yearbook contest and yearbook quotes as pages from school, but is not possible right now. I'm attaching the files to this Bulletin. Hopefully you'll be able to download them and print. Feel free to participate as you are able.