Grade 5 BMS

Thursday, December 17th 2015

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5th Grade News for the Parents by the Students!

As you are aware, the Grade 5 students will be responsible for writing our Thursday flyer. This week, Grade 5C are the journalists. We hope you enjoy their report.

Important Dates

21.12.2015 - 1.1.2016 Holiday break

08.1.2016 Grade 5 PE trip to the Science Centre, Berlin

12.1.2016 Grade 5 PE trip to Wedding ice skating rink

21.1.2016 Friends of BMS New Year Reception

27.1.2016 Family Literacy Day

29.1.2016 Last day of Term, report cards handed out

The Art Show

Last week BMS had our yearly Art Show. This year Grade 5 showed their sound installation. We all liked how everyone had to move around the artwork whilst listening to our sound poetry. There are some wonderful pictures on our school website but we have included more here...
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Theatre Workshop

Hello everyone!

On Friday the 11th December 2015, 5C and 5D went to the Galli Theatre. We had a workshop there and we looked at the play, Hänsel und Gretel. We went on the trip because of our Hänsel und Gretel" challenge that we have done in the library. All of this was organised by Ms.Douglas. IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver and Emil

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The Wishing Tree

On the 7th December our school started a project named The Wishing Tree. On the Wishing Tree refugees could write their wishes down for things that they desperately need, e.g. shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant, BVG tickets etc. Kids and adults could pick some wishes and fulfill them.

Adrian and Ilian

Bake Sale

On the 9th December there was a bake sale at school. We all would like to say a big thank you to all the people that helped. On that day we earned and donated €276.50 for refugees' wishes from the school Wishing Tree. The money will be used for buying useful things like, BVG tickets, washing powder, etc..

Sean and Henry


In Math, some of us have been learning about the Chunking Method. Chunking makes division easier. Other children have been working on long division in word problems. There are some videos below if you want to learn more about our methods.

Artemis and Sophie

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Division By Chunking
In Maths some of us have also learned how to use prime numbers and prime factors. We decorated the prime factors to look like Christmas trees!

Electra and Valentina


In our language lessons some of us have been looking at persuasive text. We have identified what strategies people use to be more persuasive. At the moment we are looking at popular song lyrics and we have been reading these as stories. We are going to use these to try and persuade people to think about the topics they are covering.
Also in our language lessons, we have been looking at how to use speech marks correctly. In our last assessment, many of us did not use them totally accurately. We have done several small tasks to help us understand and now we are challenging ourselves to use them correctly in our stories.

Ending our Unit

The unit, "who we are" has come to a end!

Our end unit assessment was our puberty book.The puberty book explained and advised on the changes children will go through in puberty. Some of the subjects that we wrote about were, friendships, emotions, acne, periods, wet dream, etc. We also put helpful information about the events that will happen and what you should do when puberty starts.

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Starting our new unit

Last week we were introduced to our new unit: How We Express Ourselves.

We have been working in our pre assessment. We were asking ourselves: What is Art?

In our pre-assesment we had a silent discussion about some pictures. We wrote our thoughts on big piece of paper. Everyone had different opinions which led to arguments, but in silence of course! Also we found out that a skill can also be classified as an art. As everyone knows there is also the creative art. Creative can also be split into sections such as visual art and performance art.

As yet, we have not been introduced to our actual central idea, so we are curious to find out more!

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What do you think?

The dances below were used to see how well we could interpret different artistic forms. What do you think they are about? We would all love to hear your ideas. You can write them in the comment box below!
Billy and Ade - Mad World
Pilobolus: A performance merging dance and biology


Vor zwei Wochen war die School Nurse bei der Klasse 5C und 5D. Sie hat unsere Fragen über die Pubertät beantwortet. Wir haben viel gelernt! Außerdem hatten wir in der darauffolgenden Woche ein Pubertäts Assessment. Dann haben wir noch pubertäts gedichte geschrieben.

Für unsere neue unit haben wir kunst mind maps gestaltet.

Aber so viel wissen wir noch nicht darüber deswegen sind wir neugierig mehr raus zu finden.

Two weeks ago the school nurse visited 5c and 5d. She answered our questions about puberty. We learnt a lot! We did a puberty assessment in the following week. We also wrote puberty poems.

For our new unit, we created mind maps on our new unit. But since we don't know a lot about it yet we are excited to find out and learn more about our new unit on art!

by Johanna, Sophy, Sean und Liam


In musical we worked on the art show for a few weeks, because we needed to introduce the Art Show with some of our musical songs. But we are back to practicing our normal production. We got all of our roles and are very pleased with them. Our musical is SHAKESPEARE ROCKS, by Musicline Productions. We have had lots of fun practicing our musical, even though it has been very difficult to pay attention!

Aitana and Emma

Grade 5D Assembly

Congratulations to Grade 5D who shared their understanding of empathy, tolerance and respect during our assembly last week.
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5C Advent Callenge

Every morning we have an Advent challenge. For example one time we named all of Santa's reindeer. 5 min before school finishes we have another Advent challenge that we need to do at home!!! For example we once did, how many minutes have we been alive? We have also done lots of other crazy fun stuff! Each day, a child in our class also gets picked to have a chocolate from our advent calendar.

Electra and Valentina