the t.v show glee

8ab yuval weissman

what is glee


welcome to glee's flyer, over here i'll wrote about ak what you wanted and not dared to ask. glee is a t.v show on Fox channel, Ryan Murphy is the producer.

glee is a club that you sing at, make covers and made songs at the t.v show they made more covers than thay own privete song, they actioly have one privete song and all the reast are covers. the show is about some teenagers from lima Ohio from m'ckinly high and almost every teenenger at the glee clab are geek and it makes theme to know more about them self and make they drems comeb true.

more about glee

glee is on the midle 5 seasone to glee has on seasone left and it will done. at glee were allot of drama and there is allot of drama,glee is a cast that gets new over and over glee had 4 seasons its started to showed from 2009, you must heard about cory montit' tragic death i dont belive yet that it's on real happen to all of the gleeks (gleeks are the fans of glee) and lea michele his girlfriend (i think that she was his Fiancee) cory die from Sam heroin overdose and alcohl if you zant to know more sand me a messege

we are gleeks

gleek is smone that glee are his model life and make him change at the perception of life and how you imaginne your self on a diffrent way then what you think you are i minne that if you think that you a loozer you can see how to you at the athoer way...
GLEE 2x16 - Loser Like Me (inedito)
Glee Get It Right (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)