Ku Klux Klan

How did they start the kkk

6 confederates wanted to get revene on the black people becasue they got freedomin the civil war. It started on may 5th. 1871

What Was the purpose

The groups wanted to get revenge on the blacks. so they went out at night with white mask and started killing every black that they saw. The police never arrested them because most of them were on the kkk side.

Is It Still Out Today

Yes. The kkk is still out but they are less dangerous then they were before. At first, they were more killing but know they are more silent and not dangerous. Now and Days, they just march and do funrasiers to support what they think.

Should People Be Worried

No, Because the kkk wont hurt anybody because now they can go to jail and be sent there for life. Only 500,000 men were powerful but wasnt illegal

What Happened That Changed KKK

The blacks were getting stronger and the kkk was getting weak to the point that made them think that they just needed a new leader. But theh new leadewr wasnt helping them at all ethier.

Interesting Facts.

*Some kkk people had blacks as there friends but they still support it.

*kkk members had to return there slaves.

*in 1925 there was a parade in DC for the kkk.