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News for February 16, 2015

Were you one of the nearly 400 guests to join us for Founders Day?

We celebrated the founding of PTA for the 61st time here in Livonia at the VisTaTech Center on the Schoolcraft College campus Wednesday February 11. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, saw a photo presentation highlighting the work of our 25 PTA units and presented LOTS of awards.

We had several local government representatives on hand, the LPS school Board, Superintendent and administration joined us. We were also thrilled to welcome our Garden City PTA Council neighbors as guests, as well as Michigan PTA guests: President Teresa Marhofer, President-Elect Ruthann Jaquette, Secretary Tonya Whitehead, VP for Membership Sibyl Wilson & Debby Ector.

We would like to thank all who participated in committee meetings, administrators and staff who assisted us and everyone who attended. Special thanks to Committee Chair Stacey Dogonski for planning such a wonderful evening. We look forward to celebrating with you again in 2016!

Founders Day 2015 photos by Karen Werden

Shining Stars announced:

Another Founders Day has come and gone! We are thrilled to have recognized the following “Shining Stars” in our PTA’s:

Buchanan Elementary School:

Melissa Bater & Naomi Joyce

Churchill High School:

Melissa O’Neil

Cleveland Elementary School:

Rod Brandon

Coolidge Elementary School:

Stephanie Eaton & Mishelle McCann

Cooper Upper Elementary School:

Provvidenza Ayers, Jennifer Hrycaj & Donald Lack

Emerson Middle School:

Stacey Dogonski & Audrey Mickel

Franklin High School:

Ny Derry

Frost Middle School:

Jennifer Schleif & Sarah Wisner

Garfield Elementary School:

Mary Ann Ingram

Grant Elementary School:

Salena Begley

Holmes Middle School:

Cindy Wilson

Hoover Elementary School:

Mary Akahoshi, Dave Billington, Karen Martoia, Paula Young & Rebecca Starks

Jackson Early Childhood Center:

Lisa Borenski, Diane Coccia & Amy Johnson

Johnson Upper Elementary School:

Dave Gluth

Kennedy Elementary School:

Nicole Minor & Debbie Pline

Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School:

Rebecca Lenk

Perrinville Center:

Sarah Sinkus, Rochelle Ranta, Jessica Connolly, Amanda Walworth, Sue Schawinsky, Robb Drzewicki, Megan Smith, Liz Biddle, Becky Drzewicki

Randolph Elementary School:

Melissa Myers & Laura Stemple

Riley Upper Elementary School:

Matt Bentley & Melodie Provencher

Roosevelt Elementary School:

Suzanne Thiele

Rosedale Elementary School:

Rhonda Simko

Stevenson High School:

Sonja Kabrovich & Cyndi Pierzynski

Webster Elementary School:

Heidi Jo Fulk, Genevieve Lueck, Crystal Frank, Bridget MacDonald, Anne Lantto, Craig Dobias, Lora Boka & Julie Hill

2015 Spirit of PTA award goes to...

Spirit of PTA Award: Michelle Guerriero, Coolidge Elementary School

How does nominee exemplify the core values of PTA?

Michelle has been a PE teacher and member of Coolidge Elementary for over 25 years. Michelle is so dedicated to the children at Coolidge and is often recognized by the parents as THEIR gym teacher from their time at Coolidge. Her connection with these parents remains and continues as the students move on through High School. Not only is she teaching our students physical activity every week, but she is leaving them with important values that they will carry through life and ultimately shape their character. When a third grader was asked by his mom how he felt about losing a baseball game, and his response was "it's OK, because as long as I still had fun - I am still a winner...that's what Mrs. Guerriero taught us." know she has their attention and Coolidge is lucky to have this influence. Michelle is very dedicated to the community. Her dedication is not limited to the week. You will often find Michelle at children's birthday parties, hockey, basketball games on the weekend. Over the summer you can count on Michelle to show up at baseball, t-ball or soccer games and cheer the kids on!

How has this person added value to your unit and helped it move forward:

Michelle is the first to volunteer and offer support at PTA events. Her question is often "What can I do to help...just plug me in" She has partnered with the PTA over the past several years and helped co-lead our main fundraiser (Fun-Run) and coordinate the activity course. This event is so important to our unit and has consistently raised around $10,000 each year. When there is a need at an event, Michelle will often be the one to fill in or jump in. Because Michelle is so loved among the community, her enthusiasm and commitment to the PTA is noticed by others to follow her lead. Michelle is definitely one of our biggest supporters.

2015 Community Involvement award goes to...

Randolph Elementary PTA - REACH (Roadrunner Enrichment Activity Club Houses)
are special Recess Clubs set up to provide Learning, Enrichment and Physical Activity during the winter months when the students are often indoors for recess.

The goal of the REACH Recess Clubs was to provide additional educational, physical and enrichment activities for Randolph students during winter months, when the students often have indoor recess. Physical fitness opportunities are available three days a week for the students; educational opportunities are available through the German Club, Math Games Club, Computer Club and Reading Club. Enrichment opportunities are available through the Choir Club, Puzzle Club, Community Service Club and Arts and Crafts Club. The goals of the first year of this program have been met!

Our community has been brought closer together through the REACH Recess Clubs in that staff, teachers, PTA and parent volunteers work together to provide these additional educational and enrichment activities.

REACH Recess Clubs are a huge success at Randolph. Two PTA board members and Randolph's principal Mrs. Tammy Spangler-Timm worked together to form these opportunities for our school. Over five teachers, staff members and student teachers take time each week to run or facilitate the clubs, and over sixteen additional parents and family members are involved in running the programs.
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Have you registered for Convention yet?

Are you excited about PTA Convention? Do you wonder if it's something you need to attend? Are you sure that it's meant for you? Those are all good questions, and the answer should be YES!
Convention is open to EVERYONE -whether you are a PTA officer, an administrator, parent, teacher or student! There is something for everyone who wants to learn more about improving the lives and opportunities for children.
We hope to see YOU at Convention next month.
You can register by mail or online. Find the information here:
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28 Awards application deadline for MI PTA awards

3 President's Phone call (log in to MI PTA website for details)
11 Livonia PTSA Council meeting @ Riley Upper Elementary 6:30 pm
27-29 Michigan PTA 97 Annual Convention

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