Counseling Update for Staff

May 2016

De-Stress Day

I saw all students for classes during our school wide De-Stress Day. Students went through 3 rotations to learn coping strategies to deal with stress. Thanks to the special area teachers for your willingness to help with these activities.

Testing Pep Rally

Thanks to Leslie and Melissa for organizing this event. I know that our kids had a great time.
Test Party

Field Day Fun

We enjoyed two days with the students in field day activities . Thanks to Amy McEntire for planning these fun days.

Lunch Bunch with Grades 3-5

I enjoyed eating lunch with all the third through fifth grade classrooms. We talked about the end of grade tests. Third graders played a pirate activity to review test taking tips. Fourth and Fifth graders played Testing Feud. I encouraged students to have a positive attitude about our testing days.

Individual Counseling and meetings

I checked in with individuals, and attended lots of meetings this month. I will continue to pull students after testing.