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What is the theme?

Theme can be confused with literary elements such as plot or topic. Theme is a message about people, life, and the world we live in that the author wants the reader to understand.

For example, take the classic story Cinderella. The topic could be about a poor girl who marries a prince. The theme would be good things happen to good people.

Check out this helpful PowerPoint: http://curriculum.austinisd.org/la/resources/documents/LA_Literary_Theme_Analysis.pdf

How many stories can you think of that have a central theme?

  • Friendship?
  • Generosity?
  • Self-Sacrifice?
  • Honesty?

As you analyze the standards regarding theme, make sure to identify the cognitive level of the verbs. The verbs tell you the rigor of how the standard should be taught and assessed.

Kinder- discuss

1st- connect

2nd- identify

3rd- paraphrase

4th- summarize and explain

5th- compare and contrast

6th- infer

Even though these are the verbs, make sure to spend some time looking at what it is asking students and how they might assess this standard.

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What is your favorite holiday story to share with students?

Writing Celebrations

At the end of each published paper or unit, you should allow time for your students to celebrate the writing they have done. You can do this in so many ways. Our goal as a writing teachers is to get students excited about writing, but most importantly we want them to be proud to share writing with an audience.


  • Have students go around and compliment on other's stories
  • Have them read aloud to a small group or to your class
  • Post student writing in the hallway for all to see
  • Share their writing with another class
  • Have a special snack and let the students read to a friend
  • Put a fun door decoration outside your door to get them excited before they enter your classroom.
  • Have them illustrate a small picture to compliment their writing

What are some fun ways you celebrate writing in your classroom? Comment below to share your creative ideas with everyone.

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