About Me

By: Jamar Campbell

Who am I?

I'm 16 years old, my birthday just pasted 5 months ago. I attend Louise Arbour Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. I like playing sports, mainly basketball and football. I also believe in god as I'm a christian. In my spare time I like to write poetry. I have 2 sisters in my family as well. I was born in Scarborough at Scarborough Grace hospital. I lived in Scarborough for only 8 months in my life but lived in Mississauga for the majority of my life so far. I came to Brampton when I was 14.

First day Of High School

In September 2014, I had my first day of school at Louise Arbour Secondary School at the age of 14.

My Leadership Style

My personal leadership style is a persuasive leader which means i'm more of a team leader. Also the leader thinks about everyone else's opinions on a specific topic. I like to take everyone's opinions and thoughts on a specific topic before going on with the task. I want everyone in my group to contribute on a specific task that we're doing. I also want everyone to cooperate with each other in the group as well. In the end I believe my personality doesn't fall into to a leader like a dictator, I don't believe I can instantly assign orders to my group members with out at least having some help from them. In general I don't believe any other role besides persuader fits me in terms of my leadership style. In many ways I believe my leadership style connects with my personality.

Main Influences

My father is my main influence. Internal factors that shaped my character would be through the way he acts, he influenced me to be more self-cautious about myself and my well being. He would also do it himself and I caught on to that. An external factor is that he also influenced me to be more presentable as a person to the public. His job is a business type job and he needs to be presentable to all his customers. By seeing that, that influenced me to be more presentable to the real world. Also if I ever really wanted to pursue a job in the business field, his type of style would be how I would want to present myself, reason being because its very professional.

My Role Model

A role model in my life would be my sister. I say that she's my role model because she changed me as an individual and also how I spread my faith. She influenced me to be a better person because the way how she is so polite to people in today's society. She also is my role model because she is firm and spreads her faith, which influenced me to do the same. She is 18 and just got out of high school. She now works at a hair salon in Toronto. I also like how she is so independent in her life and how successful she is in her life so far. All the achievements she got throughout life. That's what I want to be, when I look up to her, successful.

Which Test is The Most Accurate Or Helpful In Helping Me Determine What You want To Do And Why?

The test I believe that was the most helpful in helping me determine what I want to do in my life and why was the knowledge test. I say this because it gave me and outline of what field best fits me in my career. It gives me also what jobs are best for me to pursue. This specific test was also accurate mainly because my interest was mainly in a business related field. I like talking about business and also handling it. A interest I also want to pursue is working for a big company, or working to make the company the best it could be. Also creating my own business would be something I would like to do but I'm not pushing towards that. Overall I'm mainly trying to just do something in the business field later on in my life.

Which Test Was Least Helpful and Why?

The test that was least helpful was probably the True colors hand out. I say this because I already basically new what I would be and I don't believe this specific quiz will help me out in the future. I believe this quiz was mainly for knowing what color you are and what color fits you as an individual. I don't believe I will need this on my resume, cover letter etc, for the future. This test was somewhat helpful but it was out of all the test I took, the true color one was the least helpful. All of the test I've took had something related to my future job. This specific test did not.


A strengths I have as an individual is that I'm a hard-worker. When given a specific task I will work hard to finish it before a deadline date. I believe I'm also persistent. When I do anything, no matter how hard it might be, I usually always persevere and push through it. I believe that's one of my biggest strengths as a individual. Organization could be another one. I believe I'm well organized of all my work and rarely lose assignments. Responsibility is my final strength. I say this is my strength because I believe that I'm responsible for any work I have to complete or do before a certain deadline.


Some of my weakness as an individual would be I don't involve myself in classroom discussions. I fail to do so over the years through elementary school years coming into high school. Although I do time to time its not consistent. Another weakness I have would be staying on task. I believe I struggle with this one. I could be working then be distracted. Grammar is a weakness I have as-well. I fail to double check my work after finishing my assignment for spelling mistakes. Lastly I don't really get involved in extra-curricular activities in the school.