Daily Science News

By: Samantha R, Suggey de la vara

Getting to know convection

Did you know what convection means?Convection means it transfer heat through the movement of a fluid .Convection occurs when the thermal energy is transferred through the material by the movement of heated matter . If fluids is air and water ,and they are heated the molecules that make up the fluids gain the energy and move more quickly . If a substance heats and expands ,it will be less dense . If a substance cools down and contracts ,it becomes more dense .Convection is really hard to see .Example ,heating and air are conducting change the temperature of the air inside your house . If you carefully observe a boiling pot of water,you can clearly see convection that is happening . Convection is a very important part to the earth system .As it reaches cooler temperatures as higher in the atmosphere ,it cools down creating clouds . Convection also it drys the movement of the tectonic plates . The conclusion Is now we know the 4 ways how the convection works and what does it mean.