GSO News Update

NOVALICHES - July 2014

DAYS COMPLETED - Wave 1: Day 23 of 29 ~ Wave 2: Day 18 of 29

Typhoon Glenda is currently heading towards the Philippines

The Typhoon is expected to make landfall in the Albay-Sorsogon area on Tuesday night and pass through expecting to hit Metro Manila on Wednesday morning. Due to this storm service training classes for Tuesday have been canceled therefore, postponing the launch of the service center to Tuesday, July 22nd.

Check out what the students are saying about the training....

“I feel confident now that I am able to execute the sales recommendation appropriately since we had ample time that was devoted for practice.”

“ We are excited on the sales incentives that are in store for us if we are able to convert calls with potential sales.”

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“There are some products that I am unfamiliar with as it is not available locally. I wish we have some sample devices that we can see and play with so that we can better understand it's functions.”

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