Science Fiction

By: Chris A, Donn R, Maddie L, Are E, Kirsten B

What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction is a genre that involves imaginative settings that can have futuristic science, such as technology, time travel, different universes and more. It is more realistic than fantasy because its imaginary parts are somewhat possible, based on scientific laws and laws of nature. One main purpose is to explore the consequences of scientific innovations.

Things that Make a Book Sci-Fi

  • The setting is in the future or different world
  • Characters are either aliens or more advanced beings
  • Futuristic technology such as robots, space ships, lights sabers, etc.
  • Scientific principles that defy laws of nature
  • Difference in culture/societies
  • Paranormal abilities
  • Other universes or dimensions
  • plot sometimes contains controlling the world, and/or changing the world
  • Some futuristic things seem like they could really happen in the future

Science Fiction Short Story

Our short story was Visiting Planet Earth by Eric Brown. We thought this story was science fiction because the main character is an alien and he has paranormal abilities. "So I changed my appearance and braced myself for the horror of the encounter." The main character says this after changing himself into a rock which shows he can shape shift. "My race is immortal, and our client races are immortal." This quote shows that the main character is immortal which is a paranormal ability. This story taught us that science fiction often involves other worlds and aliens, and that the moral of the story can still be realistic.