Trading 101

For all that dont know


From the first to the last i never became less then 3rd place but i ended up in 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How i decided to make first place or in other words how i purchased my stocks were that i would check out the companies financials and check out when the stocks quarterly financials would be released and also checked the future EPS and pass EPS

Selling Stock Strategy

Well i wouldn't ever keep a stock longer then two days which were the day i purchased and the day after. The reason being is that it was usually a 73.4% chance that the stock would make money the next day because they are all publicly so they are well functioning companies and the next day would show profits or losses i would sell either way becasue holding on either side would be a risk

Biggest money makers

My biggest money money maker was Abercrombi & Fitch. The reason why they were was because it was around holidays and they are a very popular clothing store with a very high revenue. This lead to me making my highest amount in one trade which was $8900 profit

Biggest money losers

Trends throughout

My Trending thoughts throughout this whole process was to make money but not by waiting. I wanted it now and thats what i did, With my little knowledge of stock purchasing i came up with a method and i proved it to work and i continue to do it


My resources i used was yahoo finance and other stock quote sites which gave little news on the market but what i mainly used was NASDAQ Quarterly revenue calendar.

What did i learn

Thank you for assigning this project Mrs.Antonio because what i learned and figured out was that with little knowledge you can take it far with hope and ambition. I learned that if you have an understanding of the market it can really pay off in the end. I also created my own stock purchasing method without doing any real research of how to invest and it proved to be profitable and fully functioning. Thank you,

Alex Figueroa