Be a SUPERHERO night!

Minnesota Magicians pairing with Kono Union Food Pantry

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How to be a superhero:

1) Bring a canned food item for donation to the Kono Union food pantry to the game to receive a free meal. (First 250)
2) Dress up in your favorite super hero costume for a chance to win prizes.
3)Cheer on your Minnesota Magicians loud and proud

Be a superhero night

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 7pm

636 East 66th Street

Richfield, MN

Costume competitions will be held during each intermission. There will be various categories and two different age group sections.

First period intermission: Ages 0-8
Second period intermission: Ages 8-14

Minnesota Magicians

The Minnesota Magicians represent the top level of junior hockey in the Twin Cities. The Magicians offer fans of the sport from all over the Twin Cities a affordable option for high quality entertainment.