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CUSD Learning Options Survey

Hello Triton Families

This information will provide you with clarification regarding learning options for the remainder of semester 1, only. Thank you for taking a few minutes to read through this document in its entirety and completing the CUSD survey.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey (Due Thursday, September 24th at 4PM)

Critical Planning Factors for grades 6-12: Understanding Cohorts

  1. What is a cohort? A cohort is a stable group of students that stay together for all on campus activities.
  2. Why is cohorting important at this time? Cohorting guidance has been provided to school districts from the CDC and the San Diego Department of Public Health. This allows the school to complete contact tracing if and when needed. Under current guidance this is the safest way for us to offer in-person learning experiences while managing the safety of our students and staff.
  3. How does a cohort work at the secondary level? Cohorting in secondary schools is very challenging, as the definition of cohorting is to keep one small group of students together for the entire day. With secondary students taking a variety of classes and levels, this creates multiple complexities.
  4. Can my student be part of more than one cohort? Not at this time. Students will be part of one secure cohort (one group of students)
  5. Can my child attend more than one class on the same day? Current guidance from the county does not allow your child to be with more than one cohort of his/her peers per day.
  6. Once we don't need to cohort, will that allow for more student time in classrooms and on campus? Yes! :)

Current planning at the middle school allows us to bring a student on campus for one class or other in-person learning experiences per day. What that means is that if your child is in one of the classes that we are starting in-person, your child will be part of that cohort and only come on campus for that class. He/she will then report back home for the remainder of his/her BRIDGE learning. We will carefully monitor this model and be adding additional cohort time on campus. Example provided below

NOTE: We will continue to follow the current student BRIDGE schedule. (Mondays are subject to upcoming change)

Reopening Phases

Phase 1 September 15th:

Cohort 1 students have successfully been attending school Tues-Fri.

Phase 2 October 5th:

The following students will be invited to return to campus for their elective class and other in-person learning experiences. All students will be placed in a cohort. A detailed outline of your child’s in person learning along with health and safety protocols will be emailed to you.

  • All students with disabilities, KCMS, Yearbook, (currently, county health guidelines do not permit band on campus, however, we are closely monitoring this. Note: band will take place outdoors)

  • We will continue to roll in additional elective and intervention cohorts the proceeding weeks of October 12 and 19. Those classes and cohorts are being determined. You will be notified via email.

Phase 3 October 26th:

Specific classes invited to in person learning are still being determined.

Additional Phases: TBD

CLICK HERE to view an FAQ page for more information.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey (Due Thursday, September 24th at 4PM)

Please note that ALL information listed is subject to change based on updated county guidance.

Families that do not submit a response to the CUSD survey will remain in their current placement (BRIDGE - 100% Distance Learning).

Additional Cohort Time On Campus

We understand that this has been an absolute challenge, and like you, we want your kids learning on campus. In order to ensure this is done safely, we must closely monitor the mindful steps we're taking. Therefore, once we successfully bring back one period cohorts, we will begin to offer the opportunity to be on campus for an additional period. No students will be on campus during lunch.

Example1 :Period 1 Yearbook: Tues. and Thurs. 8:20-9:50 am

This student cohort will attend period 1 with their Yearbook teacher. After period 1, they will move to a classroom, TOGETHER, and Zoom into their respective period 2 classes. A CMS staff member will be present in that classroom to monitor and support that cohort of students.

I know you're thinking, "My child is still going to Zoom into their period 2 class from an on campus classroom?" Yes, because they MUST stay as a cohort.

Example 2: Period 2 KCMS: Tues. and Thurs. 10:15-11:45 am

This student cohort will be together in a classroom where they will Zoom into their respective period 1 classes. A CMS staff member will be present in that classroom to monitor and support that cohort of students. Following period 1, students will move TOGETHER to period 2 KCMS.