Jakob Wethington:Block 1


3 physical properties of cobalt are cobalt's melting point is 2723 F. Cobalt is a brittle hard metal. Cobalt alloys are strong but aren't used that much because they are very heavy. 3 chemical properties of cobalt. Cobalt cannot catch on fire except in powder form. Cobalt has the ability to react with most acids to produce hydrogen gas. The simplest ion that cobalt forms in solution is the pink hexaaquacobalt ion. Cobalt is found in the earths crust in a chemically bounded form. One of the greatest uses for this element is making super alloys to be used at high temperatures and forces. Cobalt compounds are used for colored glass, paints, and also rubbers. The most occurring isotope of cobalt is C 59. Some forms of cobalt produce radiation which sometime may become deadly.

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