Malicious Software That Could Ruin Your Life


Everyone has heard of viruses. You can get viruses through email, or by clicking on a fake link. Viruses need you to do something to release it into your computer.

Trojan Horses

A trojan horse is a link or website that allows access to someone else. This could be anything from adds on the side of a legit website to entire websites. This could include access to your bank website and information, as well as any other sensitive information you keep on your electronic devices.


Something that secretly obtains your personal information. This could involve tracking your keystrokes, which could result in all of your passwords being compromised.

How to Avoid Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Spyware

Invest in some Anti-Virus Software. These programs run constantly and will be updated as often as possible. Put up a firewall. Think of the firewall as the key to a door into your computer. You can allow some connections, such as iTunes, and not allow connections you don't recognize. Lastly, use common sense. If it seems shady, it probably is!